February 18, 2019

#74 Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson is the Author of several books and the founder of the Primal Nutrition and Primal Kitchen. We discuss how Mark started on a ketogenic diet and the ways it has improved his health. We dive into training techniques, how to get maximum sustained power out of your workout and how and why to use a ketogenic diet to develop Metabolic flexibility.  We also talk about what selling his company to Heinz means for Primal kitchen foods and much more.

Connect with Mark:

Website | https://bit.ly/2IdhUP6

Primal Kitchen | https://bit.ly/2S06nHi

Primal Health Coach Institute |https://bit.ly/2GGCGnP

Marks blog | https://bit.ly/2F9tyYB

Check out Mark Sissons’s books | https://bit.ly/2UzXRvR

Show Notes:

Paleo FX | https://bit.ly/2eSqORp

Metabolic Health Summit | https://bit.ly/2E9Guwk

Maximum Sustained Power | https://bit.ly/2N3qPBy

Peter Attia | https://bit.ly/2qzsaFZ

Sami Inkinen | https://bit.ly/2E7kkdX

Westin A. Price | https://bit.ly/2I9oMct

Arthur De Vany | https://bit.ly/2Eao6nb

Dr. Satchidananda Panda | https://bit.ly/2AbdEvF

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