November 5, 2021

#225 Red Pill Solocast

As I said, if you've made it this far with me, buckle up, this episode is still a whopper. There’s a ton of resources and media to take in here. All things in moderation. There is light at the end of the tunnel fam. We must hold the line and stay united. Please reach out with any questions. Find me on Zion where my community is “Kyle Kingsbury” and the PubKey for it is linked below, or hit me up on IG, DM’s only please. All love and power to you fam.

Show Notes:


  • Wise Traditions #335 - There is no Virus - Dr Cowan
  • Thrive On Documentary
  • Alternates to Google
  • Just Rezvani’s crypto-based social media platform
  • Yuri Besmenov 
  • Inside Job - Documentary
  • The Sacred Cow - Robb Wolf/Diane Rogers
  • The Biggest Little farm
  • How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy - Paul Chek
  • Use Code “KKP” for 20% off


“We are in the Midst of a Great Awakening. This is the greatest awakening humanity has ever seen. It is a global movement upward in consciousness and it is spreading. It is a collective ascension of the human mind, heart, body and spirit. There are two kinds of awakening happening concurrently. 

One is a spiritual awakening, a heart awakening, that is waking up to the knowing that there is more to our human experience than just being in physical form and there is more to our spiritual experience than Religion and its boxes of belief. It is seeing the human experience through the eyes of love. 

The other is a mind awakening. It is becoming aware of the bigger game that is being played by greed and it is seeing the inhumanity by those at the very top and their need for control by whatever means necessary. The Great Awakening is all about waking up from the deep sleep of fear and darkness. It is seeing how the minds and hearts of all living kind have unconsciously been living in fear disguised as love. It is waking up the human mind and heart to new and better possibilities. Some people have experienced their spiritual awakening and are raising their levels of spiritual consciousness to higher vibrations of loving and out of a reality based in fear. Some people have become awake and aware of the greed and corruption controlling our planet and the human experience, and breaking through the veil of deception. Some, a sliver of humanity, are both mentally awake and spiritually aware. Combining both is not an easy process and it takes time to wipe the sleep from our minds, eyes and hearts. Spiritual awakening requires processing of our stories and digging through our pain to heal our past. Mental awakening requires an open mind and willingness to see beyond the veil. Once awake and the sleep mask removed, it’s next to impossible to go back to sleep. The world is seen with entirely new eyes of understanding and we begin to transcend the old world with awakening to love and understanding. Creating an entirely new world now becomes possible.”

-Victoria Reynolds




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