September 2, 2021

#216 Len May

Founder of Endocanna, Len May, is an incredible dude who just floors me with all of knowledge and the research coming out around Cannabis and our Endo Cannabinoid systems. His company will take your genetic results, or use your existing 23&Me, to pair you up with specific Cannabis strains for whatever purpose you seek. Really cool stuff! Head to their site(linked below) and use “KYLE20” for 20% off.

Connect with Len:



Instagram: @lenmaydna 

Facebook: Endocanna Health 

Twitter: @LenMayDNA 

YouTube: Endocanna Health 

Show Notes:


    • Use code “KYLE20” at checkout for 20% off any and all products



  • Organifi Go to to get my favorite way to easily get the most potent blend of high vibration fruits, veggies and other goodies into your diet! And now they’re even easier with their TRAVEL PACKS!!! Click that link and use code “KKP” at checkout for 20% off your order!
  • Lucy Go to and use codeword “KKP” at Checkout to get 20% off the best nicotine gum in the game, or check out their lozenge. 
  • BLUblox head over to for the best, most stylish blue light blocking glasses in the game! Use code “KKP” and get 10% off any and everything there! 
  • Soul CBD Head to  and punch in “KKP” at checkout for 15% off the best in the CBD biz.

Connect with Kyle:


Instagram: @livingwiththekingsburys  

Youtube: Kyle Kingbury Podcast 

Kyles website: 


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