July 1, 2021

#207 Adam Strauss

Comedian, Psychedelic Researcher, News Purveyor, Adam Strauss does it all friends. Settle in and enjoy the wild ride of Adam’s Psychenautic quest to find psilocybin mushrooms, trying just about every synthetic along the way. His news show “The Trip Report” is live now and check that out on his IG, as well as his live performances of “The Mushroom Cure” hopefully coming to a city near you! 

Connect with Adam:


Website: themushroomcure.com 

Twitter: @atomstrauss 

Instagram: @atomstrauss 

YouTube: Adam Strauss

Podcast: Not Therapy

Show Notes:

  • The Trip Report - Psychedelic News - Episode 1



  • Bioptimizers To get the ’Magnesium Breakthrough‘ deal exclusively for fans of the podcast, click the link below and use code word “KINGSBU10” for an additional 10% off. magbreakthrough.com/kingsbu
    • Episode #200 - Wade Lightheart, CEO of Bioptimizers
  • The Cold Plunge Trade up from your inefficient ice chest to The Cold Plunge by heading to thecoldplunge.com and use codeword “KKP” at checkout for $111 off! 
  • Higher Dose “Get high naturally!” Go over to their site… www.higherdose.com, check out what these rad scientists have cooked up and get their portable Infrared Sauna or PEMF Mat. Use code word “KKP75” to get $75 off your order.
  • Silentmode has coupled a great sensory deprivation mask and high quality on-ear headphones to bring you an incredible medium to deliver both their Breathonics as well as binaural beats technology. Use code KKP for 15% off the product and 6 months of Breathonics for free. Head to www.silentmode.com/KKP for 15% off POWERMASK and 6 months free subscription to Breathonics. This can teach you proper breathwork and get meditation dialed in! Discount code “KKP21” 

Connect with Kyle:


Instagram: @livingwiththekingsburys  

Youtube: Kyle Kingbury Podcast 

Kyles website: www.kingsbu.com 


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