April 24, 2021

#196 Jade Bryce and Mercedes Terrell

Jade and Mercedes are the hosts of the Majic Hour Podcast which I’ve been on in the past. They are powerhouses of women with a wealth of knowledge on both Women’s and Men’s work. It was a long one, but I’m sure you’ll love this convo just as much as I did. They are launching a new Men’s work group, Awakening the King Within,  that we dive into and there is some information on their socials as well. If you feel called, please go dive into it with them. The signup link is below. 

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Jade Bryce

Mercedes Terrell  





Show Notes:


  • Awakening the King Within 




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Instagram: @livingwiththekingsburys  

Youtube: Kyle Kingbury Podcast 

Kyles website: www.kingsbu.com 


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