July 31, 2020

#166 Solocast sorting through the noise of Cov1d

In this solocast I sort through the noise with many references to the Dr's and experts I have learned from regarding the virus, masks, and health. Check here for the links to the most important podcasts I've listened to regarding Covid and health...


Tony Robbins w panel of MDs on covid truths and misinformation, masks, economic implications 



Dr Paul Saladino MD



Dr Zach Bush MD Youtube on covid 


Zach Bush w Me



Andrew Huberman on sleep, stress, and peak performance with Joe Rogan 



Matt Maruca w Me on Sunlight and health



Charles Eisenstein "The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible"



Dr Osborn "Get Serious" on weight training and health 



Robb Wolf and Diana Rogers RD "Sacred Cow"



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