March 9, 2020

#146 Chris Duffin

Chris Duffin is the Co-Founder, Chief Engineer and Visionary at Kabuki Strength, an organization devoted to optimizing human performance and making the world a better place through strength. Chris is arguably one of the strongest pound-for-pound humans in the world with a 944lb squat and 1002lb deadlift, the latter standing as the Guinness World Record which he completed almost 3 repetitions with.  He is also one of the most respected strength coaches in the industry. Chris’s educational background is in engineering and business management, and he has previously worked as an executive in the automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, and high-tech manufacturing industries.

Chris was previously ranked number one in the world in various powerlifting disciplines and has held numerous world records. Now retired, he is known for his industry-changing innovations and education in the strength and clinical worlds. He’s a leading speaker on topics related to strength and human movement and performs insane feats of strength to help charities and organizations whose work he believes in. 

In addition to Kabuki Strength Chris has also co-founded BuildFast Formula for supplementation and nutrition and Bearfoot Athletics to optimize the human to ground interface. Chris is also a best selling author detailing his incredible upbringing as well as his approach to mindset, philosophy, and tools he uses for success in The Eagle and The Dragon. In this episode, he is dropping tons of knowledge on various topics that we need to pay attention to. 


Buy his new book The Eagle and the Dragon: A Story of Strength and Reinvention 

In The Eagle and the Dragon, you'll follow one man's journey into the darkness of his own heart and witness the transformation of alcoholism, pain, and defeat into vision, character, and victory. Through Chris's powerful self-realization, you'll see how the human spirit can be either shackled by circumstance or freed from it. Strength and Reinvention: The Eagle and the Dragon. Are you ready to walk through the fire and make your vision a reality? This book will show you how.



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